Still, the report was eerily similar to four cases reported in June and July 2016. Women between the ages of 19 and 52 told police they had found a strange man inside their homes who had run off after they screamed. In one case, a woman said the man was fondling his genitals.

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online payday loans Payday loan companies forced to attend summit with Government to discuss sky high interest ratesConsumer Minister Jo Swinson will meet the firms tomorrow in a bid to stamp out problems in the 2billion a year industry.00:01,30 JUN 2013Updated16:35, 30 JUN 2013A million households take out payday loans each month (Image: PA) Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailPayday loan firms have been summoned to meet ministers amid fresh calls to outlaw the huge interest rates that cause debt misery for millions.Consumer Minister Jo Swinson, along with regulators and charities, will meet the companies tomorrow in a bid to stamp out problems in the industry.It comes days after the Office of Fair Trading referred the market to the Competition Commission for a year long probe.The investigation will look at capping annual interest rates on loans, which can top 5,000 per cent APR. The sector has thrived in the credit crisis as desperate families are shunned by high street banks.Ms Swinson was shamed into action after the OFT found borrowers were being urged by some firms to roll over their loans and sink further into debt.But Labour MP Stella Creasy a fierce critic who has not been invited to the summit warned it could become “a cosy chat” and urged ministers to stop lenders “exploiting the difficulties of of Britons”.She said: “The time for self regulation is over. We must deal with the root cause of the problem by limiting the amount any person can owe.” The lenders say their loans are cheaper than bank overdrafts if paid on time, and they have plugged a gap in the market by lending to people banks consider too risky.Consumer group Which? says a million households now take out payday loans each month four in 10 to pay for essentials like food online payday loans.